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Introducing Vertix Nano Membrane Cartridges, a groundbreaking innovation proudly crafted in the United States, offering features that set new standards in the tattoo and permanent makeup industry.

Key Features:

  1. Transparent Detachable Tip: Witness a revolution in ink flow visibility with the transparent detachable tip, allowing for easy monitoring and minor needle adjustments during session.

  2. Carefully Designed Materials: Vertix cartridges are meticulously crafted to ensure proper flow and eliminate ink cross-contamination, providing a superior and safe PMU experience.

  3. Versatile for Tattoo and Permanent Makeup: Specifically designed for both tattooing and permanent makeup applications, Vertix Nano Membrane Cartridges cater to a broad spectrum of artistic needs.

  4. Hummingbird Tip Technology: The hummingbird tip minimizes needle flex during delicate lining processes, ensuring precision and control in every stroke.

  5. Splatter-Reducing Shell Engineering: The Vertix Nano Membrane Cartridge shell is expertly engineered to minimize the risk of ink splashing or redirection, maintaining a clean and controlled working environment.

  6. Single-Use Disposables: Prioritizing safety, Vertix Nano Membrane Cartridge Needles are single-use disposables, guaranteeing a hygienic and worry-free permanent makeup experience.

  7. Nano Sizes for Fine Detailing: Available in a range of nano sizes, Vertix Nano Needles from DarkLab are ideal for fine lining and shading operations, offering unmatched versatility.

  8. Unique DarkLab Characteristics: Vertix Nano cartridges by DarkLab, renowned for products like Spektra and Bellar, stand out with unique features not found in any other cartridge brand on the market.

  9. Proprietary Dual Side Vents Design: The decompressing vacuum action minimizes potential spraying and redirects ink to the sides, maintaining a controlled ink flow.

  10. Elongated Tip Profile: Enhancing the field of view, the elongated tip profile, coupled with low tension diaphragm technology, prevents back-flow and minimizes stress on the PMU machine.

  11. Precision and Comfort: Artists acclaim Vertix cartridges for their precision and comfort, establishing them as leaders in the market through rave reviews.

Advantages of Using the Tiniest Needles:

  • Precise Needles: Achieve unparalleled precision with the tiniest needles, ensuring accurate and detailed inking process.

  • Less Discomfort: Especially crucial for sensitive areas like the lips, thinner needles mean less discomfort, leading to faster recovery.

Significant Features of Vertix Nano Needles:

  • See-Through Tip: The longer, see-through tip provides clear visibility during the implantation process.

  • Detachable Tip Case: Fine-tune your needle with the detachable tip case for optimal customization.

  • Calibrated Membrane: The membrane is precisely calibrated, striking the perfect balance between stability and flexibility for steady and controlled needle performance.

Perfectly suited for delicate areas like the face, Vertix Nano Membrane Cartridges redefine the PMU experience, offering unparalleled precision, safety, and versatility. Elevate your artistry with Vertix – where innovation meets perfection.