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All of the tattoo supplies you will ever need can be found at ‘Baltik Body Art’: from the most advanced tattoo machines or quality cartridges to multi-colored tattoo inks, high- quality lasers for tattoo removal and classical needles. We are collaborating with reliable manufacturers that ensure products are of top quality and offer best prices for every customer. 

The safety and quality of tattooist work depends on the tattoo tools that are being used, therefore they must be carefully selected. So what to consider when choosing them? 

First of all, carefully choose a manufacturer who has an excellent reputation with extensive experience in this particular market and focuses on high-quality and safety of the product, this way ensuring your work is done perfectly. 

Tattoo machine is the centre of every tattoo artist’s toolbox, however choosing the most suitable option can become a difficult task, as there is a big variety of them, so answering couple of questions will help you with your choice: what is your individual tattooing style and what artistic fantasies would you like to make a reality? 

Rotary machines are quite versatile, as they can be used for making lines and shading. They are also relatively easy to use, as the principle of the rotary machine is fairly simple – the motor is moving an armature, which makes the needle move up and down. This way the needle is moving in a continuous motion, making the process of tattooing very smooth. Rotary machines are also lighter, more versatile and quieter than induction ones, which is a big advantage. 

On the other hand, induction machines are extremely powerful and reliable. When it comes to making crisp and solid lines, induction machines are often the main choice of artists. These machines can also be used for shading, but in order to do that, some parts must be swapped with others, which can slow down the process. Also, it is necessary to know how to calibrate these particular machines. 

However, if you prefer traditional ways, going for hand poke tattooing would be the right choice. This method is slower and requires more effort, yet is more appropriate for artists who appreciate classic tattooing. 

The quality of your work depends on the needles that are being used, so choosing the right ones is an important task. We offer various types of tattoo needles: colouring, round, contouring needles, etc. Each category also offers different needle sizes: type and size depend on style of work and different needs. For example, some needles are for detailed work, others for smooth shading, however, you shouldn’t settle for just one type or size needle – variability is key to creating the perfect tattoo.


What tools do I need for tattooing?

Tattoo machine, needle, ink, power supply or wireless battery and pedals, hygiene products, vaseline and green soap.

How do I maintain my tattoo equipment? 

Equipment should be cleaned and sterilised after every use and before starting work on a client, any damaged parts must be replaced and repaired. Tattoo machine should be checked regularly to see if it’s working properly. 

How do I keep my tattoo equipment properly?

Tattoo supplies should be stored in a clean, dry and cool place with no direct sunlight. Make sure ink is sealed tightly.