At ‘Baltik Body Art’ you will find only precision-made tattoo machines that meet every tattoo artist’s needs.

We are offering tattoo machines that are created in a way that will ensure consistent and high quality results. All of our tattoo machines are easy to operate, run smoothly and efficiently. At ‘Baltik Body Art’ you will find a wide selection of rotary and coil tattoo machines for a great price.

Every single tattoo machine type has its own functionalities, therefore you must know your needs, wishes and your tattooing style in order to choose the most suitable one. 

Coil vs. rotary tattoo machines

Induction tattoo machines are a classic option, used for many years. Their functioning principle is fairly simple – several coils move the needle up and down. These machines are often chosen by artists for their power and ability to create bold lines. Also, if you properly set up the machine, it can be used for shading, although it will prolong the tattooing process.

In recent years, the rotary machines became more popular among tattoo artists. The machines have a small motor, from which rotating motion is transferred to a cam, which makes the needle move up and down. The process of making a tattoo is way smoother as motion of the needle is continuous. Rotary machines are praised by artists because of their versatility – it can be used both for shading and lines. Furthermore, these machines work much quieter and are lighter than induction ones. Masters of the craft often choose rotary machines due to the easier maintenance since it has less moving parts. 

What else to consider?

Although the choice of tattoo machine depends on tattooing style and your own preferences, it is important to consider other factors as well. One of them – the weight of the machine. This factor is significant to artists engaged in long tattooing sessions, as it should not be too heavy for a few hours of constant holding. In case it is too heavy, the process of tattooing will become tiring. When choosing a machine, consider not only the ease of use, but also how much maintenance it will need. Don’t be tempted by a lower price, as the quality will also be lower, thus investing in a slightly more expensive one will get you a tattoo machine from a reputable manufacturer.


What is a tattoo machine?

Tattoo machine is a hand-held device, which contains various components like a motor, frame and a holder. Combining all of them, you have a tool that infuses dye into the dermis layer of your skin, which creates a long lasting drawing – tattoo. 

How does a tattoo machine work?

The principle on which tattoo machines work is electromagnetism. Machine’s motor makes the needle move in up-and-down motion very quickly, therefore making the needle pierce through the outer layer of the skin and reach the dermis layer, where ink settles. During the tattooing, ink is being delivered from the dye reservoir to the needle. 

Are there different types of tattoo machines?

Yes. There are different types of tattoo machines, which can be grouped into two main types: induction and rotary. Induction machines are traditional and versatile, as they can be used for various tattooing styles. Rotary machines are modern: the needle is moved by a rotating motor and usually is used for more complex work.

What is a proper way to maintain a tattoo machine?

After every use carefully clean the machine, especially the parts that come in contact with dye and skin. Use a sterile solution on autoclave to disinfect the machine and keep in mind to  never pour disinfection liquid into the machine. To avoid friction and wearing down the parts, regularly lubricate moving parts. If you ever notice signs of worn out or damaged parts – change them immediately.