‘Baltik Body Art’ knows that the highest quality studio equipment is key for any tattoo artist. We proudly present our collection, where you can find a wide variety of studio furniture: chairs, lamps, tables, armrests, footstools and other necessary tattoo studio equipment. You can rely on our products whether you are setting up a brand new place or renovating an old one, we’ve got your back.

The quality of work depends on the skill of the artists as well as on the quality, functionality and convenience of the equipment used by the artist, therefore we prepared a guide to help you meet the needs of your tattoo studio.


Great lighting is an essential factor for a tattoo studio, that is why we offer studio lamps that will ideally light up your workspace. The needs of your studio lighting can be met with adjustable, color-correcting LED lamps that mimics daylight and provides best illumination. With these lamps you will be able to create flawless tattoos as they reduce eye strain and do not distort colors. Moreover, LED lamps are superior to the regular ones because they emit less heat. At our website you will find various light models – head-mount lamps, ring lights and ones with magnifying glass for a more detailed work. 


When it comes to creating a productive studio environment, organization and comfort are key. At ‘Baltik Body Art’ shop you will find a wide range of studio furniture such as ergonomic chairs and tables, designed for both the client and the artist. Our chairs, if needed, can be used as loungers as they are adjustable. The artist will be able to adjust the client to a necessary position for tattooing, as these chairs are functional, which is essential for this type of work. And even during long tattoo sessions, in these chairs the client will remain comfortable. The size of the studio tables that we offer will ensure the artists can find everything they might need in one place. It is easy to keep your studio pristine when you own our chairs, as they are easy to clean, and hygiene at a tattoo studio is a necessity. To enhance the comfort for your clients, we also offer armrests and footrests.


We offer studio accessories which will make your studio both comfortable and functional. Accessories like lamp stands, cases for tattoo equipment and cosmetics can be found at our ‘Baltik Body Art’ shop. With the help of these accessories you will make your workflow easier and your workspace completely clean.


What is the basic equipment for a tattoo studio?

To ensure a professional and safe workflow, your tattoo studio essentials would be a lamp for good lighting and quality furniture for both the artist and the client.

How do I maintain tattoo studio equipment?

Essential factors for keeping tattoo studio hygienic are sterilization of items, especially ones that are being reused, including daily cleaning and regular technical inspection.