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At ‘Baltik Body Art’ you will find a wide selection of cartridges, a fundamental part in tattoo artist’s work. The cartridges are very easy to use – just unwrap them from sterile packaging and insert them into the tattoo machine. The cartridge’s needle is very sharp, and the system is easy. This ensures that the tattoo artist gets the best results during each session. At our shop you can find products from the most famous and trusted brands such as ‘Black Label’, ‘V Select’, ‘Society’, ‘Kwadron’, ‘Da Vinci’, and more.

Cartridges are rapidly gaining popularity in the tattooing world as they allow tattoo artists to avoid the need for several different devices to achieve the desired results. They also became popular for their safety: if a tattoo artist were to pierce himself with a traditional tattoo needle, he could contract a blood-borne infection which the client might have. The needles in the cartridges only work when the machine is turned on, so the risk of cross-contamination is virtually impossible. However, due to their popularity, there are many cartridge types available on the market, which can make it difficult to choose the best and most suitable one. Naturally, the question arises: what to look for when choosing cartridges?

High-quality materials

Most importantly, the cartridges have to be made out of high-quality materials to reduce friction. Furthermore, they have to be especially sharp. Cartridges made of stainless steel meet these essential criteria. Its durability and corrosion resistance make it the most popular material. Stainless steel is a very high quality material, which is particularly important if the tattooing session is going to be a long one, because you don’t have to worry about safety or run to change the needles because something has happened to them.

Tip: open or closed?

Cartridges with open and closed tips could be found on the market. You know which one fits you best when you consider your personal preferences and the style of tattoo you will be getting, whether it will be colourful or not. Often, tattoo artists who work with diverse and complicated patterns or frequently change ink colours choose open tips as they are easier to clean and the introduction of new pigments require less effort. It is because all needles in the cartridge are visible even when it is inserted into the machine.

However, cartridges with closed tips give the needle more stability. Closed tips also hold a better quantity of paint more efficiently and ensure an even flow. For these reasons, tattoo artists who work only with black or grey paint usually opt for cartridges with closed tips.

Compatibility with the tattoo machine

There is no need to rush to buy a new tattoo machine if you are switching from one brand of cartridge to another. However, while most manufacturers’ cartridges are universal and suitable for all rotary machines, their compatibility with different machines may vary slightly. Huge investments could be avoided by buying one box – just enough to test the compatibility between cartridges and machine.

Needle type

The length of the needle point can vary from 1.5 mm to 7 mm, although these are rarer. The shorter the length of the tip, the more ink gets into the skin at once. Therefore, the longer the tip, the slower the dye flow. This makes longer tips ideal for working with black and grey colours.

Needles are divided into 4 groups:

- Round shader (RS). These needles are very versatile but are mostly used for shading and tattooing circles.

- Magnums (MG, RM, M1, M1C, M2). They can be straight or curved, arranged in one or two rows. A single-rowed magnum is better for filling a large area of a single colour.

- Round liner (RL, RLXT, RLXP). These needles are more closely spaced than the round shader. They are used to produce clear, sharp lines.

- Flats (FS, F).  These are flat needles arranged side by side in a row. Perfect for distributing colour and giving depth to a single tone.


What is a cartridge?

The cartridge is a sterile system with needles. They are used for tattooing. The needles are inserted into the machine’s body, which ensures precision and safety.

How do cartridges work?

The cartridges attached to the machine use a motor to move the needles up and down. This movement pierces the skin to allow the dye to enter.

What are the advantages of using cartridges?

The advantages of using cartridges are precision, hygiene, safety, effectiveness, versatility and quality assurance.

Do the cartridges have different needle configurations?

Yes. The cartridges are available in a variety of needle configurations, including liner, shader, magnum and flats, to suit different tattooing styles. Tattoo artists can choose the cartridges that best fit their preferences and techniques.