Whatever colour you are looking for, ‘Baltik Body Art’ can offer you the best products. We offer tattoo inks in a variety of colours that can help you create stunningly detailed and realistic designs. Here you will find both ‘Reach’ regulated paints and paint thinners. At our shop, you are guaranteed to find the most suitable tattoo ink kit for a good price.

The selection of high-quality tattoo inks is really wide. At first glance, the offered products may look almost identical. However, once you start experimenting with them, you will notice subtle differences. Below, we’ve highlighted what you need to look out for to find the perfect product for your work and your customers.

1. Colour options

First, you have to consider the designs you will tattoo, whether they will be black or grey. Or perhaps you want to implement multi-coloured designs? If you prefer dark-colour designs, you should first buy inks from brands known for their black and grey pigments, e.g. ‘Dynamic’. Use the same approach with coloured inks – just choose manufacturers that are known for their high-quality, multi-coloured inks.

2. Ethical ingredients

Today, people are increasingly looking for ethical products, so naturally, the tattoo industry has adapted. There is no need to look far to find ethically produced inks – most modern, high-quality tattoo inks are already vegan and organic. So if you care about nature and animals, choose inks made from organic materials, without any animal products and tests on animals. Such inks are available here as well.

3. Thickness and flow

Tattoo inks vary in thickness, which is one aspect you should pay attention to because the thickness of the ink determines the speed at which it flows. If the ink is very thick, it will be difficult to inject it into the client’s skin. The tattoo artist must find a satisfactory compromise as it could be difficult to work with paint that is too liquid.

By the ink’s formula, you can tell whether the paint will be thick or liquid. The consistency of the ink mostly depends on glycerine which is one of the main components of the ink. Inks with a higher glycerol amount tend to have a thicker consistency, and vice versa, inks that do not contain glycerol are more fluid and flow faster. So choose a formula with the optimum amount of glycerine – it will be the easiest to work with.

4. Safety

Like anything you buy for tattooing, the paint must be completely safe. Make sure that you only buy paint from reputable manufacturers who adhere to the highest hygiene standards. The inks you buy should be sterile and the bottles should be tightly closed. This is the only way to ensure complete safety and prevent cross-contamination.


What is tattoo ink?

Tattoo ink is a coloured pigment that is injected into the skin with a needle to create permanent designs on the body.

What is tattoo ink made of?

Tattoo ink can be made from a variety of ingredients including pigments, water, glycerine, alcohol and other additives. The specific composition of the ink varies between manufacturers and colours.

Are there different types of tattoo ink?

Yes. There are different types of tattoo inks, including traditional, vegan, UV-responsive and special inks such as glow-in-the-dark.

How do I choose the right colour of tattoo ink?

Choosing the right colour of tattoo ink depends on your personal preferences and the design you want.