No PMU (permanent make-up) procedure is possible without the right equipment, especially to achieve quality results. One of the most important tools is PMU cartridge needles, which ensure precision, efficiency and the best results for the craftsman, and long-lasting results for customers. We offer only high quality cartridges made by professional brands such as ‘Kwadron’, ‘Bishop’, ‘Vertix’, ‘The Ruby’ and others.

The needle configuration, size and compatibility with the PMU machine must be taken into account when choosing cartridges.

Needle configuration

PMU cartridge needles are available in a variety of configurations including round, flat and curved. In simple terms, the configuration of the needles refers to the way they are arranged next to each other. Each needle has its own advantages and features. You choose what you need, based on desired results and procedure.


Ideal for creating precise lines, filling in small areas such as eyeliner, defining eyebrows or lip contours. This type of needle is also often used to create a hair-like effect.


Suitable for shadows, filling large areas and creating soft transitions. The flatness of the needles makes it easy and comfortable to do long-lasting brow colouring or shading.


Specially designed to create natural-looking hairlines and maintain the true, curved shape of the eyebrows.

Needle size

Once you get familiar with PMU cartridges, it is time to learn about needle sizes. It is just as important as the cartridge itself. It determines the thickness of the lines and strokes. The size of the needle you choose will determine the final result of the procedure. Choosing a needle size is not as difficult as it may seem. A simple rule could be helpful: smaller needle sizes are preferred for more complex jobs, while larger diameter needles are suitable for filling large areas.

- Thin needles (e.g. 1RL arba 3RL). Perfect for detailed work such as eyebrow hairs or eyeliner. Even the most detailed work can be done with these needles.

- Medium needles (e. g. 5RL arba 7RL). Suitable for universal and precise lines. Also is good for filling large areas.

- Magnum or thick needles (e.g. 9M1 arba 11M1). Suitable for shading and filling large areas.

Compatibility with the PMU machine

While cartridges are a nice choice for technicians who want to ensure the safety and cleanliness of their work, there is an important aspect that needs to be considered before the purchase: it is their compatibility with the existing PMU machine. Different machines have specific needle systems, so it is essential to check compatibility before buying cartridges. There are also universal cartridges that can fit a variety of machines, but digital machines don’t usually accept them because the manufacturers have specified which needles are suitable.


What is a PMU cartridge?

PMU cartridges are disposable needles used in micro pigmentation and permanent make-up procedures. The needles that work with the PMU machine are inserted into them to embed the pigment into the skin for a long-lasting make-up effect. 

What are the advantages of using PMU cartridges?

PMU cartridges are advantageous for their hygiene, accuracy, convenience and safety. They are disposable and ensure accurate, safe and consistent pigment application, reducing the risk of cross-contamination.

What are the types of needle configurations for PMU cartridges?

PMU cartridges are available in a variety of configurations including round, flat and curved. Each configuration is tailored to specific treatments – such as thin lines, shading and filling – so that tattoo artists can achieve different results.

How do I choose the right PMU cartridge for my procedure?

To choose the right PMU cartridge, consider factors such as the type of treatment, the client’s skin type, the level of experience and the compatibility of the device.