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We offer a wide range of products suitable for both experienced permanent make-up professionals and beginners. Any PMU specialist will find the right products to suit their needs. In this category you will find devices and supplies such as machines, pigments, cartridges, microblading products, synthetic skin, and more, all meeting the highest standards of quality.

Permanent make-up requires a variety of tools – we’ve outlined how to choose the right ones below.


PMU artists use various types of machines, with rotary machines being among the most popular. All permanent make-up procedures require a powerful and reliable device, therefore choosing this product from a reputable manufacturer is advisable. The digital rotary machine, specifically designed for permanent make-up, is a particularly popular choice as it looks like a simple pen and is therefore very handy when it comes to working with details. 

For those who are only starting out, ‘MAST’ devices offer excellent value for money.  ‘MICROBEAU’, the leader in permanent make-up, is a perfect choice for people who prefer high-end machines valued for their power, practicality, and elegant design. On the other hand, ‘CHEYENNE’ machines are known for their precise craftsmanship and minimalist design. 


The majority of most popular PMU machines use cartridges, therefore before purchasing needles make sure whether your machine is compatible with universal cartridge needles. Cartridges completely eliminate the risk of cross-infection, making them highly preferred for their accuracy and safety. Designed of the highest quality materials, cartridges are always sterile and meet all safety standards. What is more, PMU needles are available in a variety of diameters, quantities and configurations: each tailored for different procedures, so that the artist can achieve the desired results.


Permanent make-up relies on specially developed dyes known as pigments. However, a single pigment for an artist is not enough, as its colour must match the client’s skin and hair tones. That’s why we recommend having a variety of pigments to easily match various skin and hair colours – we offer high-quality PMU pigments from the best brands.

Synthetic skin

Before applying a pigment to human skin, extensive practice on synthetic skin is essential.  This practice is necessary for the beginners as well as for experienced artists who are learning new techniques, cartridges, or pigments. ‘Baltik Body Art’ offers a range of synthetic skin products on which artists can not only practise, but also experiment. In our shop you will find light and dark skin, eyebrows, lips and even breast shapes to help you improve your craft.


Another crucial tool for every PMU artist is fast-acting and potent anesthetics. The most effective and convenient method to ensure the client feels comfortable and pain-free during the procedure is by using anesthetic cream. This numbing cream will make artists’ work a lot easier, as the client will not move because of pain. This completely safe anaesthetic preparation contains lidocaine as a main ingredient.


What is PMU?

Permanent make-up (PMU) is a cosmetic procedure which involves injecting permanent pigments into the client’s skin to achieve desired make-up effects such as eyebrows, eyeliner and lip colour.

What are the main PMU supplies? 

The fundamental PMU supplies are pigments for colour extraction, cartridges for precise injection of the pigments into the client’s skin, anesthetics for comfort, and post-operative care products for the healing process.