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Special ink for artist. To draw and make sketches
*Pure Black
*Made in Holland
*490ml Bottle
Special ink for artist. To draw and make sketches
Talens Drawing Ink is a unique ink used in the tattoo industry that is used for deep, dark and rich black tribal tattoos. This stuff is unique in that it is not actually designed for use for the industry. Talens is a well known brand of paint, art ink, pigments and other related supplies. Some time ago, artists experimenting with different mediums discovered Talens Drawing ink is a kickass black. Great artists that use Talens include Jun Cha, Guy Aitchinson, Hernandez and Jose Lopez.
Talens Drawing Ink is pure black. The Talens Drawing Ink has a higher pigment concentration than Talens Indian Ink & gives a deeper black.  It is supplied in a 490ml bottle, & comes directly from the Talens factory in Holland
The versatile Talens drawing ink in black for sketches, drawings and calligraphy. Beautiful effects can be achieved on coloured and black paper with the white drawing ink. The black and white drawing inks are very lightfast. For refined and exact drawing work. Can be thinned with water, waterproof once dry. Can be applied with brush, drawing-pen, technical drawing-pen and airbrush.