These premium products from Morphix are specially designed with the needs and requirements of professional tattoo artists in mind. A gruelling day of long, draw out tattoo sessions can easily take its toll on the artist's body, as it can be very physical job. Make the experience easier for you and your overall wellbeing by always using these high quality products, made to overcome the problems and issues associated with the tattoo process. Using their extensive experience in the dental industry, Morphix expanded to supply the tattoo community with high quality products that alleviated the same issues shared with professionals working in the dental business. There are many similarities including the levels of hygiene and sterilisation required, as well as the same types of strain on the physical health of the professionals involved. These Morphix grips have been ergonomically design to overcome issues associated with tattooing, such as hand and wrist strains. These grips allow you to hold the tattoo machine at a 90 degree angle in your hand, automatically creating a more efficient hand hold mechanism. With specially designed areas for each part of the hand, including the "bird's nest" section for the middle finger to comfortably wrap around the grip.