HQ steel grip
Introducing the Steel Grip – the ultimate fusion of durability, hygiene, and precision for your coil-type tattoo machine. Crafted from high-quality metal, this grip is designed to provide tattoo artists with a reliable and sterilizable tool that enhances their creative process.
Key Features:
  1. Sterilizable Metal Construction: The Steel Grip is made from premium metal, ensuring not only robustness but also making it compatible with various sterilization methods. Safeguard your clients and maintain a clean workspace by easily sterilizing the grip using sterilization fluids or UV sterilization, promoting a hygienic environment in your tattoo studio.

  2. Compatible with Traditional Needles: Tailored for use with tattoo machines that work with traditional needles, the Steel Grip offers a secure and comfortable hold, allowing artists to maintain precise control during intricate designs. Its compatibility with a wide range of coil or even rotary machines makes it a versatile choice for tattoo professionals.

  3. Durable and Long-Lasting: Built to withstand the demands of the tattooing process, the Steel Grip is durable and long-lasting. Its sturdy construction ensures that it stands up to the rigors of daily use, providing artists with a reliable tool that consistently performs under various tattooing conditions.

  4. Easy to Clean and Maintain: Simplify your studio's cleaning routine with the Steel Grip. Its smooth metal surface allows for easy cleaning, ensuring that you can maintain a pristine workspace effortlessly. Focus on your artistry, knowing that your tools are consistently clean and ready for use.

Upgrade your tattooing experience with the Steel Grip – a sterilizable, durable, and artist-friendly grip designed for coil-type tattoo machines. Elevate your professional standards, prioritize hygiene, and invest in a grip that not only meets but exceeds the expectations of tattoo artists worldwide.