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Black label cartridge needle point is precisely assembled into our plastic card by using the medium sharp point (between the sharp point and the blunt point) and the semi-haired tip, which is rare in the world. The advantages are that the coloring and coloring problems of fine-grained pigment and coarse-grained pigment can be well solved.

The unique plastic appearance design enhances the function and the experience of use, and the open design of the needle nozzle makes the needle washing very easy and convenient, and the residual colorant and the new colorant can not be mixed because the needle nozzle can not be cleaned cleanly. In addition, the ink can have ultrahigh ink storage capacity each time of ink absorption. (The ink storage of the needle nozzles in the market is seriously insufficient, which causes the master to dip in ink frequently during work, which increases the work intensity of the master and affects the experience of the master, and the ink output is even and soft.) Every drop of ink gets the most out of the way (needles on the market either have too little ink to affect the coloring, or too much ink, which is unnecessarily wasteful when patterned and wiped away by paper towels).

The unique eccentric memory rubber pad design makes the needle accurate and in place every time. The needle is not shaken or ink-jetted, and the noise is low. The master and the guest experience the beauty of creation and art in a quiet atmosphere.