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Introducing the EZ Defender Click Cartridge Grip – Always Consistent

Revolutionize your tattooing experience with the cutting-edge Defender Grip, powered by the advanced D Click Adjustment System. Redefining precision tattooing, this grip ensures unparalleled consistency and accuracy in needle positioning, setting a new standard in the industry.

D Click Adjustment System: The Defender Grip boasts the innovative D Click Adjustment System, providing tattoo artists with a level of precision and control never seen before. Enjoy absolute confidence in needle positioning throughout the entire tattooing process, thanks to this leading-edge technology.

Underside Adjustment: Designed with an internal regulator on the underside, the Defender Grip prevents accidental shifting of the needle cartridge during adjustments. This feature enhances stability and ensures that your needle stays exactly where you want it, giving you peace of mind during intricate tattoo work.

Absolute Precision & Control: Calibrate the grip to your preferred settings, and experience consistent needle positioning and accuracy. The Defender Grip allows tattooists to make exact needle movements under the D Click System, providing ultimate control over the tattooing process.

Securely Fasten Design: Crafted with ingenuity, the Defender Grip features a groove in the steel tube that securely locks it to the machine. This design ensures a stable connection, allowing you to focus on your art without worrying about the grip shifting.

Fully Autoclavable: Maintain hygiene standards with ease – the Defender Grip is fully autoclavable. Withstand temperatures up to 125°C at 100 kPa above atmospheric pressure for 15 minutes. The optimal weight of the grip (1 inch: 60g, 1.25 inch: 78g) helps prevent stress or strain on the wrist, reducing hand fatigue during extended tattoo sessions.

Compatibility & Bonus Features: Compatible with all standart cartridge needles in the market, the EZ Defender Click Cartridge Grip comes with 2 different sizes of Plunger Drive Bars included with each grip. This comprehensive package ensures you have everything you need for a seamless and consistent tattooing experience.

Elevate your artistry with the EZ Defender Click Cartridge Grip – where precision meets innovation.